Melanie Roche Bio


• STATE: Queensland
• DOB: 9th November 1970
• HEIGHT: 165cm
• UNIFORM #: 5
• POSITIONS: Pitcher
• OCCUPATION: Professional Athlete

Released first CD “In Full Flight” on June 5th 2010
o FIRST CLUB: Claymore Comets, Campbelltown, NSW
o CURRENT CLUB: Renesas Electronics Corporation, Takasaki, Japan
o JAPAN PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE: the first foreign athlete to play for 4 different teams in the League over 10 years (Miki House, Osaka 4 years; Leo Palace 21, Tokyo 4 years; Sagawa Kyubin, Kyoto 1 year; Renesas Electronics, Takasaki Current employment)
o CURRENT ASSOCIATION: NSW Softball Association
o CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Australian Olympic Team (96’, 00’, 04’,08’); NCAA I Oklahoma State University (!989-94), two time 1st team ALL-AMERICAN Pitcher; Japanese Professional League (2001-current)
o SOFTBALL ROLE MODEL: Yukiko Ueno (Japan); Michele Smith (USA); Joyce Lester (Australia)
o AWARDS RECEIVED: Best Pitcher Australian National Championships (don’t know what years exactly or how many?); Canada Cup Best Pitcher – 03’, 04’, 05’; 2001 Japanese Professional League – Most Winning Pitcher; 2004 or 05’ Softball Australia Spirit Award; 2006 Australian Grand Prix 3 Best Pitcher; 2007 Most Winning Pitcher Japanese Professional League
o INTEREST/HOBBIES: My guitar, singing and writing songs; Fine Red Wine; Particle Physics
o MOST REWARDING MOMENT: Making Australian Olympic History when we won a Bronze Medal in Beijing 2008. Along side Natalie Ward and Tanya Harding, we became the first Australian Olympians to win 4 medals at 4 consecutive Olympics.
o EMBARASSING MOMENT: Showing up to a Professional League game in Japan without my Playing Jersey. I was the starting pitcher but couldn’t play. It arrived in the 5th inning.
o NICKNAME: Rochey

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