Directors and Board Members

We are pleased to introduce our Directors, Office Bearers and Foundation board.  

Play for a Cure does not outlay any salary or payment to our Volunteer board.
Cheryl-Lea Godfrey
Cheryl-Lea Godfrey Director and President
Cheryl-Lea has lived in Brisbane her whole life, except for a 6 month stint in Italy in 2000 where she played softball. She retired from softball at a young age (24yrs old) and only started playing again when she qualified to play Masters (35 yrs old) with the Play for a Cure team.

Cheryl-Lea is very passionate about finding a cure for cancer as many of her family and friends have been affected by this disease, and joined Play for a Cure as a board member in 2013.

Cheryl-Lea works full time.
Anne Vogler
Anne Vogler
Director and VP
Anne is an inaugural P4AC board member and remains heavily involved in softball. Anne was involved with the Qld U19 team as an Assistant Coach and Head coach for 10 years, winning the national championships in 2014. Anne continues to coach and play at club level and has done so for over 30 years.

Anne works full time in the Queensland Police Force, and has for 20+ years, after receiving her teacher’s degree.
Leigh Martyn
Founder, Director,
Company Secretary and
Leigh works full time and has for over 30 years, in the banking and telecommunications industries.

Leigh has been having involved in all types of sport for the majority of her life as either a player, manager, coach or administrator, including 4 years as President of Brisbane Softball Association. Leigh remains involved with Brisbane softball helping behind-the-scenes and coaching a junior Under 13 Panthers side (supporting the stars of the future), hosting school holiday softball camps under the banner of FM Softball, in partnership with Sports Camps Australia, and playing in the Play for a Cure Master’s softball team (an annual fundraising event).

Leigh Martyn was born and raised in Brisbane. Except for a six year stint in Sydney, Leigh has lived in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast all her life. Leigh lives with her partner Peter and their two dogs and loves fundraising, sport, travelling and reading.

Brooke Wilkins
Director and Board member
Brooke is an inaugural P4AC Director whose softball career has taken her all over the world and to 3 Olympic games (96, 00, 04). Brooke has been inducted into the International Softball Federation, Australian Softball Federation, and the Softball Queensland Hall of Fame.

Brooke continues to give back to the younger generation and was a Qld U19 coach for 9 years. Brooke has also worked on the
administration side of softball, being a former Brisbane Softball
Association Vice President and currently works with Softball Australia.

Brooke is married to Lachlan and has 2 young girls.
Graham McColm
Graham McColm Board Member
Graham has been a Board Member of the Play for Cure
Foundation since its inception.  

His motivation was the loss of his wife of 32 years, Debbie, to cancer in late 2009. Debbie was a long time softballer and competed at state level in both juniors and seniors.  She was the President of the Brisbane Softball Association when she passed away.  Graham played and coached Australian Rules football for many years and was also a long term kicking coach for the Brisbane Broncos.   

The association of Debbie with softball and Graham at the Broncos lead to him initiating the Yellow Socks Charity Softball Challenge event.  

Graham has lived in Brisbane all his life.  He is now retired and formerly worked in the Mapping and Surveying sector for the Queensland Government for 45 years. Grandsons, family, golf, home duties and some travel are now key priorities.