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Ran and conquered – congratulations Richard Hancock – our Marathon Champion!

Richard says a lot of thank you(s) below – he is a very generous soul and everybody he does thank, we thank too, BUT our biggest thanks does go to you Richard.  An amazingly selfless and terrifyingly hard thing to do – we are so grateful for the dollars you raised for cancer research!!  Check […]

An update from #Richard58

My Training thus far: I have just realised it has almost been a month since my last blog. I do apologise, I have been away on a course but it hasn’t hindered my training too much. So we left off where I had learned a valuable lesson and needed to implement a training regime rather […]

My 1st Blog on my march to running 58km for a cure!

My Training thus far: So I have been asked to write a fortnightly blog keeping everyone informed on how my training is going leading up to the 58km Trail run. The last couple of weeks have definitely been interesting. I have come back from Christmas and New Year holidays having indulged quite heavily in food […]