P4AC are Invited

Due to our donation,  from funds raised at the Yellow Socks Softball Challenge, to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, we were invited to attend the opening of the ACRF comprehensive Cancer Genomics Facility at the Diamantina Institute in the PA Hospital on Tuesday 19th July, 2011.

The grant to enable this opening was provided by the ACRF – every dollar they raise, they hand over in grants – now that’s encouraging!  P4AC won’t begin to try and explain the extraordinary work going on in this research facility – if you would like to learn more, click on this linkit’s an interesting read.

President Leigh, and committee member Graham, attended the opening and to put it simply, it was incredible!  Speakers included the Director of Diamantina Institute, Professor Matthew Brown, Professor Ian Frazer, and ACRF Chairman and Mr Tom Dery, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for ACRF.

After the official opening, we mingled and met some amazingly brilliant people, including Brooke Gardiner (Senior Research Officer) and David Brettell – Chief Executive and Company Secretary of ACRF.    Once well fed, we were taken on a tour of the research facilities where Professor Brown and Brooke explained their research and showed us the equipment that the ACRF grants have enabled to be purchased – they cost millions of dollars and are doing a brilliant job in trying to unravel the secrets of cancer!  ACRF are doing a wonderful job in supplying this infrastructure to these research facilities and it was a pleasure to be able to attend on this day and see the amazing work that ACRF and the Scientists do every day!

To hear the passion from these people was inspiring and confirmed that the work we are doing is making a difference!  So to all of our supporters, thank you!  Without your support we couldn’t do what we do – we are eternally grateful.

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