Danielle’s Back on the diamond!

We had Danielle come out and umpire (and bat, and run, and take selfies) in our annual Yellow socks match this year (5/12/15) – Danielle’s response is below.  Danielle you are welcome and of course we will have you back!

Danielle, on the left, hams it up with Sammy!
Danielle, on the left, hams it up with Sammy!

I’d like to say this is one of the most memorable and fun times in the last 30+ years of my softball life that I’ve ever had. It felt so good to have a real genuine smile on my face, which has been a little forced and hard to do over the last 12 months of my life…. 

I personally know myself the real challenges that are faced with Cancer and there are some dark times had by many.

I consider myself a very lucky girl having come through my journey with so much more life to live. 

This time last year, almost to the day, on the 16th Dec. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (there was a story on TV recently about Tessa James, my experience was quite similar….). Christmas eve I found out about my plan of attack and New Year’s Eve my chemotherapy started. The next few months were a write off… I spent our 20th wedding anniversary in the chemo chair (bald and feeling pretty ugly!) 

Half way through I got to celebrate, the treatment was successful so far. I was getting lots of great support through many family and friends and medical staff near and far with my main supporters by my side every single day Boof,Emily and Kate.

Thanks everyone for getting me through this crappy time in life! 

It was so good to get back on the diamond and be given an opportunity to participate in every way! First time back in the blue uniform for quite some time. I was surprised that my head and legs got it together.

Thank you also to everyone who laughed at the right time during the Yellow Socks Charity game, with me or at me didn’t matter , just laughing was good enough for me! I had a great time!

And just thanks!

Here’s hoping for an invite next year….

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