Kelli’s Catch Up

Hi, my name is Kelli aka Grossy and I thank you for taking the
time to visit our website. Like so many others – my journey has
been saddened by the loss of a loved one, a dear friend, the
person up the street, or even the news of someone, anyone that
has been struck down with Cancer. My “happy place” is to be
surrounded by the people I love and I wish them health and
happiness always.

Feelings of helplessness and the dreaded fear of “it could be me”
comes to mind so many times when the word Cancer arrives.
When Marty came up with the idea of Play for a Cure I really felt
this could be my opportunity to help and not feel helpless and,
God willing, a cure can be found, then that dreaded fear can be

I want to make a difference!

I have always been blessed to be a part of so many successful
sporting teams playing along side great team members. After all,
as the saying goes “a Champion Team is made up of a Team of
Champions”. If you have come this far then I believe you
genuinely care for our cause. I welcome you to join us and be a
part of our Team of Champions.

I once again thank you for your precious time and support –
wishing you a wonderful day and God bless.
Play for a Cure – playing to win!


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  1. You have and will continue to make a difference Kelli because that’s the kind of amazing, helpful, caring woman you are…

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