My 1st Blog

What a crazy 2 weeks!

When I heard that my elderley neighbour Stan had passed way, from Cancer, I couldn’t believe it – he was the 4th person I knew, in a 6 month period, that died from Cancer.

Everytime somebody dies from Cancer it breaks my heart that little bit more.  My dad and my step-dad both died from it and my dear friend Alan, at the age of 30 (far too young).

I wanted to do something, anything!  Then it hit me, I was actually waking up one Sunday morning and thought – Play for a Cure!

I have several dear friends, my age, currently battling Cancer.  They will beat it, I’m sure, and me starting Play for a Cure helped me deal with that by knowing that I am doing something to help them, and many others,  even if only in a small way.

I mentioned to a couple of friends that  I was thinking and then emailed my old mate, Grossy, and before I knew it I had Chook and Grossy doing their bit to help me.

It’s been fun so far, sorting the merchandise, setting up a facebook page, setting up a website, and generally getting organised.  I have now got a Registered Business Name and an ABN – all above board!  I contacted Cancer Council Queensland and they were absolutely delighted to have me on board with them.  I can’t wait to put my 1st deposit into their bank account – what a day that will be.

So where to now? Onward and upward I hope!

Merchandise is on its way, 1st event (Morning Tea) booked in for 27th May and 1st stall (27th June) booked.  I have received our first item that can be used at a fundraising dinner auction (thanks Richo).

Lots of ideas floating around my big head – need to put them all down because (a) I will probably forget and (b) got to do this in baby steps – cannot get ahead of myself (for those who know me, I tend to do that – get overly excited!!).

So if you like, check in every now and then, feel free to pass on any ideas, feel free to buy some merchandise – whatever you like but either way would love to know you are are out there, caring and doing your bit.


3 thoughts on “My 1st Blog”

  1. What a fabulous cause Leigh. Thank you.

    My mother is a survivor of ovarian cancer that was diagnosed 18 years ago and thankfully she has remained in remission since her treatment ceased. I’m happy to support something so wonderful and especially when it involves the best sport in the world.

  2. Great Job Leigh and Kel. Just dropped in for a look at the site and am suitably impressed. Hope I can help out along the way…….more power to you my friends.

  3. you guys make me very proud. It is very humbling to take 5 mins out of all our busy lives to read the great efforts you are going to. Donation from us – check!

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