RSA Stall – 27th June, 2010

A very long day was a very successful day yesterday at Redland Softball Association. Again thank you to the committee for allowing me to have the Play for a Cure Stall. It was so successful people were asking if I would be doing it every week! Unfortunately the answer is no, but we will be set up again at Masters, so hope to see you there. As you would probably be aware now, you can always go online at our online shop🙂

So some news from the day:-

Winners of the jellybean competition were: –

Girls – Shanny from Wildcats
Boys – Aunty Lulu with exact guess!

Raffles $1 drawn by Ambassador Kelly McKellar-Nathan – winner was Dave who selected The Chop Shop Meat Tray. Money chart $50 won by Kris and $100 by Sandy.

$180 raised, so far, with the $2 raffles of Ladies Pack and authentic Australian Women’s Representative Clothing – these raffles will continue until the Masters, remember you can buy one if you are interested. Click here to find out what is up for raffle and how to buy tickets.

We sold heaps of merchandise, with the wristbands, black peak caps and bucket hats proving a success. $267 raised!

$28 in donations received so as you can see all in all a very successful day.

A massive thank you to Jess Muller (who coincidentally is enjoying her 21st birthday today (Happy birthday Jess)), Sheridan Darroch and Linda Gross. They ran around the park for me, whilst I manned the stall, and sold the raffle tickets and Money chart – thank you ladies!

Today I am banking $515 in profits to CCQ and last night I banked $273, so without Kelli’s money from Rockhampton (again I won’t steal her thunder, her update is coming), we have been able to give CCQ an additional $788, bringing our total raised so far, and given to CCQ, to $2405!

Update – just transferred $116 from Kelli’s Rockhampton raffles to CCQ – new total raised and handed over is $2521!



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