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6th Annual Slowpitch softball challenge

The totals are in, we made over $2300 at our 6th annual day – it was amazing and to prove it, we say look at how much fun we all had – click on the photos, here, to see for yourself ! 6th Annual P4AC Slowpitch Challenge Join us for our 6th annual slowpitch challenge. […]

Warrior effort and we slayed it…..

That is an absolutely corny title, but it is really fitting when it we talk about Masters 2018.  On the diamond, the results were mixed (although mostly fun), however off the diamond it was the effort of some of the teams that we played (or not) that really was where we won! For starters, the […]

How many red gumballs?

Welcome to our 2018 Gum Ball guess – our annual Master’s Fundraiser. What. we hear you say? We are mixing things up and want you to guess how many red gum balls are in our drink dispenser.  And to ensure we can pick a winner we will ask that you also provide a number for […]

When your golf day exceeds expectations…..

2018 P4AC A Day on the Greens What’s (x + 160%)?   It’s the net figure we raised on the 13th July, 2018 when Nudgee Golf Club hosted our 2nd annual P4AC ‘A Day in the Greens’. It’s also the maths we need to apply when comparing to last year’s figure (our inaugural golf day). […]

Ran and conquered – congratulations Richard Hancock – our Marathon Champion!

Richard says a lot of thank you(s) below – he is a very generous soul and everybody he does thank, we thank too, BUT our biggest thanks does go to you Richard.  An amazingly selfless and terrifyingly hard thing to do – we are so grateful for the dollars you raised for cancer research!!  Check […]