Slowy but Surely

Well after a frantic 1st 2 weeks, things have slowed down considerably.

Stock is coming in, wristbands and pens, but still waiting on stubby holders and hats.  I have sent some stock (WB and Pens) to Kelli in Rocky.  She continues to show an unwavering enthusiasm and has booked her first PFAC night – I won’t steal her thunder but wanted to make mention of it – well done Kelli.

Love to hear feedback and already it has been mentioned that perhaps bucket hats (rather than peaks) might be more sun safe.  Agree, and we will look at updating stock as feedback comes in.   So please if you feel like you can contribute with any advice, feel feel to email us through our ‘Contact Us’ page, or here on this blog.

On a personal note, I am feeling a little off colour  – perhaps I have burnt the candle at both ends, whilst trying to set all this up?  Not sure, but I am laying low for a couple of days.  Luckily for me, in my real full time job, I have a great boss who has allowed me to work from  home today.  Just waiting for my work computer to be turned on so I can remotely log in.

So at this time, not too much more to report.  At this time, waiting for this website to be finished (thanks again to LLL for her contribution), still waiting for final stock and just plugging along.  Really looking forward to having our 1st stall – I think then, things might start moving a little more.

Oh, I just remembered, some exciting news, if it comes off.  I contacted Matthew Hayden and his business colleague has requested Matt’s merchandise apartment get in contact with me to see if they can donate something for our dinner auction – will let you know if/when it comes to fruition – fingers crossed!!  Something from Matt Hayden would certainly excite some people, I am sure!

OK, well don’t forget to let all your friends know about our cause, and again if you would like to donate online or join us in our efforts, you can do so, by clicking below (for now, Donate Now button on our site, not yet set up).

For the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea donation, click here.  Better still if you wanted to run one, you can, as PFAC are already registered so you could join our team.

OR, team Play for a Cure is taking on the CancerFree Challenge 2010.

From our Team Page, click on the ‘Join my team’ button to register and help us fundraise.  If you can’t join us, you can also sponsor our team by making a donation online.

Until next time.


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