The Race has been run and WON by Grace and Sienna

Update 12/7/11 – The girls raised the most within their Suncorp Team – Suncorp are now going to donate an additional $1000!  Brilliant stuff – well done girls!

Update 8/7/11 – the girls made their local newspaper – click here to read their story!

Bright and early on a beautiful Saturday morning, Grace (8)and Sienna (5) suited up (beautifully so in Play for a Cure Visors and shirts embroidered with our logo) to compete in the Junior Dash at the 2011 Gold Coast Marathon.

Prior to the run, the girls, along with their mother worked tirelessly to raise funds for Play for a Cure and to date have raised close to $800!

But this Saturday it was race time!  Unfortunately for the girls their dad was unable to make it because he ‘was in the middle of Australia for work’ (Mackay to be exact) so good friend Luke took Scott’s place and became Grace’s running partner.  Running with Sienna was her mum, Angie.

Start time was 9am and there were hundreds of children ready to race – jostling for a good place in the field was a sport in itself.  Grace and Sienna played it safe and kept to the back and luckily for us, close to the side so we could take some action shots and shoot the starting video. The girls were off, to a flying start.

We had to make tracks quickly to get to the finish line so we could cheer the girls home – it was a 2km course, but the speed the children were running, meant we had to get to that finishing line quickly!

We made it in time to see the girls fly home, they would not have blown out a candle!  Grace even got a mention by the on course commentator – click here to see the finishing line video.

Upon completion the girls were presented with their medals – all runners who completed the course received one.  As a special thank you to the girls (being our first ever independent fundraisers), Play for a Cure President Leigh was on hand to present the girls with a Play for a Cure 2011 Champion medal!  They deserved it!  Thank you to Grinners Trophies for donating the medals.

We cannot finish without thanking Ang for thinking of our charity and helping the girls raise the amazing amount they did!  So Ang, thank you!!

Thanks also to Luke for being on hand to partner Grace and Luke’s wife Nikki for helping Leigh by shooting the videos.  In fact, Luke and Nikki’s children, Caleb and Coby, were heard to say, several times, that next year they too want to run.  Looks like we might have an annual event on!

Check out the photos below of the girls big racing day.

If you would like to conduct your own fundraising event, on behalf of Play for a Cure, click on this link to learn how.

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