The shave has occurred.

It’s happened!  Both Tonette and Leigh have done what they said they would do and have shaved part and all of their hair respectively.

Read on below to hear their stories: –


I made several donations last year to various causes and events friends and colleagues were participating in.  Whilst they were all good causes and have my support, there was something missing – the empathy, that connection wasn’t there.

I wanted to pledge my support for causes that I connected with, something that was not just important, but also meaningful to me.

I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer almost four years ago.  Watching my grandfather, who was a distinguished and strong man, suffer and become helpless because of this, was heartbreaking and very difficult for me and the family.

There are also three women in my family that have survived breast cancer.

My hair has been the subject of many hair modelling events.  I thought it was appropriate for me to use it to help raise money.  I expressed my interest last year to the World’s Greatest Shave.   I wanted my contribution to also support Prostate & Breast cancer in honour of my grandfather and support of the women close to me.

The World’s Greatest Shave and Play for a Cure has enabled me to achieve this.

Thanks Leigh and good luck with your shave!


The World’s Greatest Shave seemed like the ideal platform for P4AC to raise funds for yet another great cause.  As it was my idea I thought it only fair that I should be the one having my head shaved!  The appeal “The President’s Hair Must Go!” was on.

To inspire a healthy figure I set a minimum target of raising $2,000.00 before I would agree to shave my head.  In my opinion, anything below $2,000.00 would only be worth a “cut and colour”!  With only 4 days remaining until my deadline, I feared that my target was beyond reach.  However, with less than 24 hours to go donations poured in surpassing my target and the shave was on!

P4AC has had tremendous support from the Brisbane Softball Association particularly in our joint effort with the hugely successful Yellow Socks Softball Challenge.  Saturday the 12th March was Grand Final Day and BSA kindly scheduled the shave between the A2 and A1 Grand Final.  Sueann Yates, P4AC committee member, was armed with scissors & shears and was notably nervous.   Sueann proceeded to cut off my pony tail and prep my hair for the final “shear”!  Jordy Long graciously stepped in and completed the shave and it is to be said that she did a fine job.  Jordy had also participated in the World’s Greatest Shave just days prior to my big event –  Congratulations Jordy.

Once again our wonderful softball supporters, along with work colleagues, friends and family dug deep.  Together with Tonette’s contribution we raised over $4,000.00 – amazing!  The appeal ends at the end of March, so now you can see what we have done, and if you would like to donate, please click here.

P4AC is very grateful for BSA’s support and we hope to build a long lasting relationship with them for many years to come.  Softball, of course, is our foundation sport and our connection with it holds very dear to our hearts.

A huge thank you goes out to Tonette for generously giving her valuable contribution to P4AC so that together we have been able to raise a substantial amount.  P4AC appreciates your involvement and you also inspired me along the way knowing that we were in it together.

Lastly I would like to thank each and every one of you for your generous support – it goes without saying our success is because of you and your generosity!

Enjoy the photos below and the video link by clicking here.

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