McKellar Clan Get Together

Nothing could dampen our spirits on a cold and miserable day in March 2012.  Friends and families were gathering to have a McKellar Clan get together – and a day to raise some funds for Carol McKellar, who recently had been diagnosed with cancer.  Unable to work whilst getting treatment, P4AC wanted to do whatever they could for Carol.  Carol is the mother of our Ambassador, Kelly McKellar-Nathan, and like Kelly, she is much loved.

Carol had a rough time with her treatment so P4AC thought we could have the get together so she could have some much needed time with those that love her and raise some funds to allow Carol to pamper herself.

We booked time at the local swimming complex complete with our own pergola and BBQ area.  P4AC founder Leigh started cooking the BBQ but was soon pushed out by the men in Carol’s life (and she was secretly pleased!) who cooked up plenty of sausages and steak to eat.

Along with the food (meat and salads), drinks were available to purchase and with approximately 50 people we conducted a raffle as well.  Much needed funds were raised and handed over to Carol.  But even more so, the day was a great success because there was plenty of laughter and good cheer.  Carol had a great day and the smile on her face was priceless – exactly what one could ask for!

Thanks to the following for donating time, or items – Knighty (P4AC team player), Princess Charlotte Seafoods, Nicole from Hans Smallgoods, Juice hair care, Brumby’s Manly, Mariners Softball Club and Loafing by the Bay.

Thank you to everybody who came.  At the time of this event Play for a Cure were unable to offer tax deductibe receipts when raising funds for cancer patients – something that will change shortly, but in March we couldn’t – so thank you for coming and for digging deep to help Carol and her family.

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