My 1st Blog on my march to running 58km for a cure!

My Training thus far:

So I have been asked to write a fortnightly blog keeping everyone informed on how my training is going leading up to the 58km Trail run. The last couple of weeks have definitely been interesting. I have come back from Christmas and New Year holidays having indulged quite heavily in food and alcohol. This has not stopped me from hitting the ground running though (excuse the pun). My first day back, Monday the 8th I went for an easy 5km run maintaining a pace of 5.1per km and my heart rate was quite steady, so far so good. Followed by Wednesday the 10th, trying to rest every other day, I stepped it up to a 10km maintaining a 5.6 pace. Friday the 12th I managed 13km’s still maintaining a 5.7 pace and heart rate so far so good. On Sunday my family decided to show myself support and show me a great running track that they could ride on whilst I followed. I completed 10.3kms in 1hr and 3mins with a lot of starting and stopping, it was good to get out to an unknown area with inclines and declines. Come Tuesday the 16th I really pushed myself and completed 20.2kms in 1hr 57mins maintaining a pace of 5.8mins per km. Now this really put me on cloud nine and made me feel that if I could achieve this in just a week I could achieve anything!!. Cue in Thursday…. My quads and shins definitely were not happy and very reluctant to let me do any running so my completion was 9.7kms in a dismal 1hr and 31mins, I did manage some hill sprints but other than that I walked away very disheartened!! In the last 24hrs I have had to take a step back and check my ego at the door and accept that if I not only want to complete 58kms but be competitive at the same time I need to seek out a proper training guide and start following the advice of the professionals.


Now at this point I am definitely not someone that knows exactly what he is doing, but I do know what my body needs and doesn’t need to help get me there. I am Australian and I do like my beer!! This unfortunately does not help at all… so we have had to make an effort to cut this out of my diet, so far so good.. haven’t bitten my kids heads off just yet!! I try to do meal prep and as everyone is well aware food is expensive especially anything that is healthy for you, with a family of four it is not easy to buy all the yuppy healthy typical meal ingredients. I do love slow cookers when it comes to meal prep because it means on a Sunday morning I can get up throw everything in and then portion it out in the afternoon. So far my meal is simply Chicken breast, spinach, chicken stock, tomatoes, black beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, tomato puree, can of chopped tomatoes, carrots and pretty much anything else I can find in the crisper. Surprisingly it tastes good and full of carbs and protein that I need to get me through my training sessions with energy to spare. When it comes to supplements I have my share too, before I go into everything else I use I want to point out do not take everything I am saying as gospel I am a firm believer that everyone is different and everyone’s body handles different foods, supplements and stresses differently than other people. Whilst running I use Science in Sport Gels, there are a lot of people that say Gels sometime upsets their bellies and they are forced to do a quick dash into the bushes. Lucky for my I do not have this problem… yet. So my training routine is pre-workout before a run, I like to use C4. During my run every 5km or half an hour I will have a Gel, I like the ones that have electrolytes instead of caffeine in them, only because sometime I struggle to keep myself hydrated but not much of an issue maintaining energy levels. Post run I use a post recovery also made by Science in sport and I am currently looking at some other protein supplements to help with my muscle development. I do have energy bars too that I will introduce once my distances get a bit further along.

So that is my current regime and what the last fortnight has brought me. I have learned a very important lesson and that I am more stubborn than I realise, which will probably get me over that line!! Fundraising has started to kick off and I do want to say THANK YOU to everyone that is supporting me and following my journey – it means a lot and gives me that extra push to not give up. Hopefully in the next fortnight I will have some better progress with the new program I have printed off. This Sunday I have a chance to do a small 10km of the track I will be running on so I will also inform everyone on how that goes.

Richard Hancock

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