$100000 raised in 5 years – happy 5th birthday to us!

5thWe have been sitting at just under $92500 raised for a little while and with our 5th birthday looming we were hoping our inaugural dinner would tip the scales over the $100K raised. 

They did just that and we are thrilled to report, that on our 5th birthday we can confirm we have now raised over $100000.

Here’s to the next $100000 (but hopefully in less time!).

THANK YOU to everybody who has been involved in the charity over the last 5 years – it’s because of you that we can post such a happy positive post!

Now we move on to our next big event – we love this event!  Come down Saturday, 5th December, 2015, to see the Broncos take on the legend softballers – who will win this year?


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