105KM Heysen Trail #richard105

We are so grateful to Richard (we think he is slightly mad :)) so if you can donate, please click on this link and all funds will go to cancer research!

Update 3rd October, 2019 – the month of the run!

Hello everyone, I am still training… it has been an interesting 8 months since my last update unfortunately with more lows than ups. My training has been plagued with different injuries, all of which I have overcome and seem to be tracking well. We are officially 23 Days away from the day and honestly I am freaking out. In saying that I have had a great training buddy, my wife who has been pushing me along and helping with researching different tactics with such a challenge and what is needed from a nutrition stand point. This coming long weekend I plan to head out and be on my feet for 12 hours give or take just to make sure I am capable of staying upright for such a long period of time. Along with that I will continue to knock out the smaller runs everyone sees me do every couple of days. In the lead up week I will begin to taper, maybe a couple of small weeks before the big day.

Now for the sad news…. On 26 August 2019, Grant Warde lost his battle with Cancer. He was an absolute awesome and genuine bloke who will be sorely missed by everyone that knew him. We had known each other probably since we were in nappies if not too long after. We went to different schools until High School, when I moved to the US he was the only mate I would call quite often. When I returned I was lucky enough to share a flat with him. After we all left Woomera and moved on with our lives we would still call and check on each other. It’s amazing how much we take life for granted, you really don’t realise how much you talked or messaged a person until they are no longer around. I will proudly take his memory and give my all through this challenge I have signed up for. I will also continue to support P4AC after the fact with their great determination in battling cancer!!!

Update from Richard 21/3/19

Hello everyone, training has officially kicked off and seems to be going well at this time. I was a bit worried that I would have to start off with low kilometres as I had a big break from running. I started in Feb, with the first being 5km’s, next 9, pushed it out to 14km’s and then just last week I managed 26km’s being the furthest training ran I have done thus far. To my surprise I have pulled up substantially well, the odd niggle here and there but at my age I was expecting more problems. I have changed my routine a little bit. I have completely cut out gels, trying to limit the amount of crap I pump into my body and go a more natural way. This may change as I push out my distances. I have started a strict regime of vitamins every night though which seems to be helping a lot with recovery. I am taking Vit E which strengthens my immune system and prevents me from getting sick after putting my body through so much stress. Magnesium, which prevents cramping and helps with the recovery process. Probiotics, One thing you want when running a long distance is a healthy gut especially when you are eating and moving at the same time, no one likes having to run into the bushes to relieve themselves. Fish Oil, prevents inflammation and helps also by reducing the recovery time. Calcium, obviously helps with bone density and strong bones which is crucial in any high impact sport. Vit D, helps with the absorption of Calcium and also provides the muscles with energy. Last but definitely not least Vit C, this is the most important one, it prevents, joint pain, tissue swelling, bone fragility, and slow recovery. Vitamin C also helps with warding off upper respiratory tract infections and acts as an antioxidant. All of these Vitamins definitely seem to be helping on my ability to push out the km’s. My next goal is to get my diet down pact and focus on what I will consume whilst running. My training week days won’t increase anymore at this time as between Uni, work and life I already am having to get up at 3am just to be able to push out 20+ km’s. hopefully though now that one of my boys sports have ended I will be free on at least one weekend day to push out the km’s even further.

So that is where I am at at this stage. 

As far as my mate goes. He is doing okay. Unfortunately they did miss out on a trial but he has re-started chemo and seems to be dealing with it okay, which as we all know is a very good sign at this stage.

Thank you so much for those that have donated at this point, big shout out at the boys and girls with ADF Softball they donated $300+ from fines for being naughty, actually surprised it wasn’t more! For those that haven’t, donations will be open up until October so please any chance you get donate what you can, it is tax deductible and is for a very important cause.

Richard is running again! This time 105kms!

Hello, some may remember me from last year when I decided to put myself through 58kms of torture. For those that don’t know me my name is Richard Hancock. I grew up in Woomera with an Australian and American Family. I also spent quite a few years in the USA later in life. I joined the RAAF at the age of 34 and have not looked back. Last year I was challenged by my brother-in-law to complete a 58km Trail run. When I made the choice to give it a go I decided to choose a charity to raise money for, a charity very close to my heart. That was where Play for a Cure came in, I had the opportunity to play ADF Softball the previous year and I was exposed to this great selfless charity. I have watched Play for a Cure donate thousands of dollars to many Cancer researchers that are making leaps and bounds in their research. Also I have lost a few mates to Cancer and have a Grandma still fighting the fight. After the gruelling run I made the announcement that I would never run again…

Hear from Richard and why he is doing what he is doing this year. Last year, clearly, a 57km run was not hard enough?!?!

A couple of months ago my best/childhood friend called me and told me that he esophageal cancer, but they were positive that it had been caught early. It was at this point that while I was questioning my own mortality I thought that there must be something that I can do. So of course I decided to double my distance and aim for the Heysen 105km Trail, raising money for Play for a Cure to keep fighting the fight. Since this choice I am saddened to say that, my mate had had chemo and they shrunk the tumor allowing for surgery. We were overjoyed thinking that it would all be over very soon and he would be cleared. Well upon opening him up they found that his stomach and pelvis was coated in cancer cells. He is now terminal fighting as much as he can to get as much out of life for his family. I will be training hard and pushing for donations all the way until October when the run takes place. Please give as much or as little as you can, you never know that dollar you donate may be the one that tips the scientist to a cure.

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