$300,000 raised by #teamp4ac

We aren’t quite 10 but today we passed a significant milestone on our journey to raise funds for cancer research. $300,000 raised for cancer research and cancer patients. Exalted!

There have been so many individual contributors, some of you multiple times, and we are so grateful for your support – THANK YOU! Without you, we truly could not exist so be proud, you have helped ensure our cancer research scientists keep on being funded by the private sector to help #endcancer.

Our main sponsors/donors over the years are the following. Your continued support will never been forgotten and as above we THANK YOU!

Many of our individual contributors have been those at the major events we have held over the years. Not just in donations, but in supporting the events and being a part of #teamp4ac. Some of our biggest, and favourite events are below.

  • Our annual charity dinner (Vintage, Taylor Wilton Music);
  • Qld softball masters ;
  • Annual Golf day;
  • Yellow Socks (Brisbane Softball and the Broncos);
  • Pink Panther Day (Panthers Softball Club); and
  • The #p4ac head shave of which the 2nd one is coming up at the Pink Panther Day on the 14th November. Our founder Leigh is shaving her head again! Along with her friend Jodie. You can donate at this link
  • Steph Gill’s 50th!

On a personal note from me, Leigh the author, thank to you those of you that have served on the charity board. Thank you for all of your efforts, for all of your ideas and all of your love. One special shout out to one board member who has been with me since day 1 – Brooke – thank you!

It took us 5 years to raise our first $100,000, and a little bit less than 5 years to double that amount. What can we do in the next 5 years? Anything is possible with our army of supporters. Let’s do this – let’s #endcancer!

Professor Bryan Day
Sid Faithfull Brain Laboratory

Professor Bryan Day
Sid Faithfull Brain Laboratory

Dr Pattison and Prostate Cancer Research

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