P4AC – 10 year head shave!

March 2011, 4 months after our founding date, our Founder Leigh Martyn shaved her head to raise thousands for cancer research.

September 2020, Leigh is prepared to do it all again in the name of Childhood Cancers research.

13th September update!

Leigh’s long time friend Jodie has decided that she’s going to shave her head too so we can only hope double the heads double the fundraising! Thank you Jodie!!

With an aim to do the head shave on 14th November 2020, we are looking to raise, at a minimum, $5,000 for Childhood Cancers Research. You can donate via credit card by clicking on this link or by direct bank deposit to our account below.

If you have a strong desire to be the actual head shaver, contact Leigh at Leigh@playforacure.com.au and put in your offer. You must be available to do the head shave at Downey Park, Windsor Qld. You must also, be kind 🙂

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