Our favourite time of the year!

Clearing out the majority of funds from your cheque account is not one would normally equate to being a good exercise but for us here at P4AC we can’t think of a better thing to be do! After the last 2 years, where our fundraising was cruelled (like so many others), we accumulated enough funds to make some substantial donations in the last few weeks. We have posted the donations on our Facebook page (be sure to visit and like it) but it is also worthy of being captured here for posterity!

To start with donated to the ACRF – they do amazing work and all the work our scientists do is mainly due to the equipment they use. In the Australian scene, the ACRF play a massive part in funding the infrastructure purchases (NB. these are very expensive pieces of equipment). This year we were able to donate $10,000 bringing our total donated to ACRF over the years to $102,500.

Next up we had a special guest in Addie Clay who was on hand to donate $12,500 to Dr Nakamura’s program of works. Read more about it by clicking on this link. We were thrilled that Addie could find the time between her 2 softball tournaments (editor note, Addie made the Qld U14 squad – we are so happy for her as this was the first time in 2 years that Ads was able to play at 100% fitness (she smashed it)) to tour the lab with her sister and mum! Thank you to Dr Nakamura and his scientists for showing us around and explaining, so well, what it is they do. Immunology will go a long way to helping #endcancer!

And finally we had the pleasure of taking Kirsty through Assc Professor Moeller’s lab, where the lovely Keko’olani take us through their lab where we got another lesson on the amazing work these scientists do. To learn more about their work, click on this link. Another $12,500 was handed over, taking our total donated to the QIMR to now be $75,000. We are eternally grateful to the efforts of the researchers!

All up we have now donated over $266,000 to cancer research and given we continue to be volunteers, we are really proud of being able to hand over such a significant amount of dollars to research – all because of our #teamp4ac army. It’s because of all of you so we thank you!

QIMR Lab Visits

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