Play for a Cure Masters Team’s Triumphs and Thanks: A Grand Final Journey Towards Cancer Cure


In a fierce battle, the Play for a Cure Masters team showed true sportsmanship and determination in the Grand Final, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. As they fought on the field, they were also grateful for the incredible support they received from generous donors who joined their mission to put an end to cancer once and for all. This is a tribute to the team’s journey, their dedication, and the powerful impact of those who rallied behind them to support cancer research.

The semi:

In an intense up-and-down battle, our team showcased unwavering determination and resilience, ultimately emerging victorious against Brisbane Giants Red, 16-9, to secure a spot in the grand final against the formidable Brisbane Giants Black team. The defining moment of our win was an outstanding display of hitting, where every swing of the bat seemed to be guided by pure determination (and of course skill).  Great relief pitching from Kingy was also a highlight.   Off to the grand final….

A Grand Final to Remember:

The Play for a Cure Masters team’s journey in the Grand Final was nothing short of extraordinary. We played a great game, and although tired we never gave up. Cheryl-Lea pitched an amazing 7 innings and despite our passion and competitiveness we ultimately went down 7-6 in the bottom of the 7th. Congratulations to the Brisbane Giants on what looked like to be a very successful masters weekend for your club.

Thanks for your Support:

Play for a cure Foundation want to thank the masters team for continuing to raise awareness and represent our charity – so well now for over 14 years. Our success would not be possible without the overwhelming support of the softball community, friends, family, and all the kind-hearted individuals who donated to our cause. Every contribution makes a significant difference in the fight against cancer, empowering researchers to pursue groundbreaking studies and potentially find a cure.

  • Cheryl-Lea Godfrey
  • Karyn Foxover
  • Cara Rennie
  • Megan Misso
  • Sheridan Darroch
  • Anne Vogler (Life member (LM))
  • Nicole Bennett
  • Justine Smethurst
  • Kelly McKellar-Nathan (LM)
  • Amanda King
  • Karen Sala
  • Melissa Edwards
  • Leigh Martyn (LM)
  • David Foxover
  • Stacey Porter
  • Jason Nathan (LM)
  • Melanie Roche
  • Tracey Pollock
  • Tracy Bailey

Joining the Battle Against Cancer:

With the generous donations received, Play for a Cure is actively contributing to cancer research initiatives, which are paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in treatment and prevention. Each donation is a symbol of hope and unity in the battle against this devastating disease.

What was started 14 years ago by one team, the Toowoomba Warriors, has now led to other teams who rather than give gifts, after each game, they choose to donate to the cause. Your generosity is never taken for granted and we are incredibly grateful to you.


This article stands as a tribute to the Masters team’s determination and an expression of gratitude to everyone who donated to support our mission. Together, we can bring hope to those battling cancer and work towards a future where cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease.

The unsung heroes!

Acknowledging the Unsung Heroes: A Thank You to Those Behind the Scenes and Our Dedicated Team Officials in Masters Tournaments

While the spotlight often shines brightly on the players, it’s crucial to take a moment to express gratitude to the unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes. These individuals, along with our dedicated team officials, play an integral role in ensuring the seamless execution and success of our Masters tournaments.

Behind every successful Masters tournament are countless volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to support the event. Their passion and commitment create a positive atmosphere, making the tournament a memorable experience for everyone involved.  Thank you Redcliffe Softball. Thank you Tricia and your band of umpires. Thank you to Chris and your scorers and thank you to the groundsmen!

Last but certainly not least, our very own team officials. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for supporting us.

Here’s to next year, where the hope is we continue to shine the light on cancer research and bringing new players to the plate to help us continue to work towards a world where the word cancer will not strike fear into the hearts of those that hear it spoken. Together we can #endcancer!

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