We turn 13 and reach a significant milestone

Happy 13th Birthday to Us, and what a journey it has been!

13 years ago, on this very day, our journey as a charity officially began. Reflecting on this milestone, we’re awestruck by the incredible support that has propelled us to this moment.

From the outset, every dollar mattered. Yet, here we stand, celebrating not only our 13th year but also the incredible milestone of raising over $400,000! Yes, you read that right—$400,000 toward cancer research!

It’s moments like these that make us pause, marvel, and feel a sense of overwhelming gratitude. Each contribution, each effort, each event attended or shared—every action has been a building block in our collective mission.

This milestone isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to the unwavering dedication and generosity of our supporters. You’ve been the heartbeat of our cause, driving us forward, fueling our passion to make a tangible difference in the fight against cancer.

We’re humbled by your trust, your support, and your unwavering belief in our cause. Together, we’ve empowered scientists, funded research, and taken strides towards a future free of this disease.

As we blow out the candles on our 13th birthday cake, know that every wish made is for our supporters—the real superheroes in this story. Thank you for standing with us, for believing in our cause, and for helping us turn dreams of progress into impactful realities.

Here’s to many more years of unwavering commitment, determined spirit, and boundless hope. Together, we’ll continue to make an extraordinary difference.

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