Masters 2014 recap

We lost but we won!
We lost but we won!

We barely got the team on the field and even then we had our ups and downs.  Kelly ruptured her Achilles and we wish her the speediest of recoveries.  Rissa pulled her hamstring and even through restricted, played up a storm.  Debutant Cheri pulled her groin, Kelli got ill, and I was sick with the flu!  Anne had broken her ankle earlier in the year and couldn’t play, another debutant Noeleen hurt her knee before the weekend even started.  Brooke was away in France, Tracy away with her family, Frankie started a new job and couldn’t get to the weekend, and Haylea and Mel had commitments that meant they could only play a few games (and for that I thank you (it kept the team on the field)) but we got through the weekend and made our 5th consecutive final!  Thank you to Tania King for sitting on our bench in the Grand Final!  Alas we didn’t win the final, going down to the team we beat last year – congratulations Southside Stingers!

BUT we may have lost the final but our weekend was still a success. In fact it was our best weekend yet!  We raised over $5000 through raffle ticket sales and the very kind donations of those brave enough to do the Ice Challenges that are running around on Facebook at the moment, as well as individual donations – thanks to Toowoomba Warriors (Deb Prouten and her team), Southside Stingers (TEK and her team), the Qld Schoolgirls team (glad to see your ‘jar’ was not a full this year!!), Carby, Steve Walk Concreting and Trotty!  Thanks to the P4AC Masters team who pulled the prizes together and sold lots of tickets to ensure 2014 was our most successful Masters yet!  Thanks to Mark Beitz of Bayside Bartons who once again purchased 100 tickets in the raffle (and won a prize!).  We were aiming to break the $20000 raised at this tournament alone, and just fell short, so I figure we can all rest up, start stretching now and come back next year and smash that target!  We have now raised over $75000 and that’s pretty cool – $100K is our next target!

Thanks to the SQ for allowing us to continue fundraising, to the softball community for your continued support but most of all to the team – champion bunch of girls that I am honoured to call my friends.

Kim Cooper – Maggie

Carrie Rose – Caz

Megan Tape – Megs or Misso

Kelli Oates – Grossy

Keri McCracken (debut) – Kez

Marissa Carpadios – Ris

Tracey-Lee McKellar – Doodles

Kirsten Bell (debut) – Bella

Cheryl-Lea Godfrey – Cher

Kelly McKellar-Nathan – Smacka

and the super officials

Jason Nathan – Frecks

Amanda King – Kingston

Sheridan Darroch – Sheri

Anne Vogler – Anne!

Andrew Condor – super scorer

Teddy Gross – our umpire – 3rd year and going strong!



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