Running 58kms over mountains……

Richard reached out to us and wants to help us raise funds for cancer research by running a 58km Ultra Marathon.  Crazy you might think, but we think he is marvellous and are thrilled to have him on board!  Read on below to learn more about Richard and why he is doing what he is doing!

Who is Richard Hancock?

I am 39 years old, married with two boys 10 and 9, as well as I have a 19 year old son (Cody) and 16 year old Daughter (Rianna) from previous relationships. I grew up in Woomera, South Australia. I grew up in your typical broken home.  My Mum worked two jobs to feed myself and my brother and I grew up quickly to help where I could. I also spent time in the USA living with my Grandparents finishing school and working. Before meeting my wife I was a typical lazy guy who besides work really was content floating through life. I strongly believe that meeting my wife, Stevi-lee really saved my life. Since we have been married we have had two awesome boys, Patrick and Kayden – they just make me appreciate everything daily and continuously bring a smile to my face. Since their birth I have quit smoking, have strived to improve my health and myself, and joined the Defence Force. My life has not been easy by any stretch, nor has it been hard. All of my struggles as a younger child really prepared me for being a father and a husband who constantly tries to have a house full of laughter and smiles.

What is he doing?

My plan is to compete a 58km Ultra marathon trail run, thanks to my wife, which by the way is the real hero (she went from 100+ kgs to 78kgs in 6 months!!).  Anyway with her diet she runs every weekend and with that she follows a lot of running sites and she has recently been competing in different events. A few months ago she dared me to compete in a 26km trail run with Trail Runners SA. Lucky for me with my job I do keep myself somewhat fit, so I agreed. Now I wouldn’t say I’ve been bitten by the bug but I do enjoy challenging myself and pushing everything to the limits. After the 26kms I have received an email announcing a 58km Five Peaks Ultra Marathon, which will be from Athelstone to Belair NP via Black Hill, Rocky Hill, Norton Summit, Mt Lofty and Brown Hill, and being ran on Saturday at 6am, 14 April 2018.

Why did you choose Play for a Cure Foundation?

Whilst I was discussing my insane decision with my wife it occurred to me that my previous run I really didn’t do it for anything, just my own challenge. So I decided I would pick a cause to do such a big run for, not only will it be great to donate to a great cause but it will also give me added motivation to get through it. There are numerous reasons why I chose “Play for a Cure” and to be honest before my competing in the ADF Softball Nationals I had never heard of your cause.  At the Nationals during the presentations I witnessed something much greater than just a charity that takes donations for research for a cure for cancer. What I saw was a small group that has obviously been affected by cancer and is driven to support research teams trying to find a cure. I didn’t see suits, or hands out left right and centre, I saw tears and humility. Like most I have seen my fair share of fights, my Grandma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 18, since then she has also battled Cervical cancer, and other forms. Whilst living with them I witnessed chemo at its worst and still watched this strong lady battle through it. At 72 she is still with us, and while I’m sure her body is riddled she still fights on, if you met her you wouldn’t even know she was fighting. Her mum had Breast Cancer, and one of her sisters had cervical cancer. 5 years ago we lost a very close family friend to bone cancer which was very aggressive and we lost him in a matter of weeks. Also just recently we lost another close family friend to prostate cancer which also was very quick.

It will be my absolute honour to do this run for “Play for a Cure” and I hope the generosity of people really shines through and we can get in some donations.  If you would like to donate, anything above $2 is tax deductible and you can make it by clicking here (and feel free to download the picture of my family and I and put it on your fridge while I do the marathon)

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