Things just keep on improving….

This is so great to report, but like our most recent fundraisers, our Slowpitch tournament from yestserday, was our most successful one ever.  We have held 6 and this one almost doubled our most successful day! Yesterday we raised over $4000 for cancer research.

It was not possible for the many people that participated and contributed to the day, so apart from sharing some photos and the great news about the money raised, it really is a thank you post.

Firstly, thank you so much to Brisbane Softball Association for allowing us to host the event.  As well as providing the diamonds, they gave us access to buggies to get around, shades and their facilities!   BSA is starting their own Friday night competition soon, so be sure to contact them.

Thank you to the Super Coops and  Princess Charlotte Seafoods for supplying the eskies and ice required to chill our drinks on a ‘oh so hot’ day.

A massive thank you to Rod Chiapello and his Bracken Ridge Maccas store (thank you Emma and Danny for the recommendation).  Rod not only supplied the delicious and healthy chicken and angus beef burgers, he also supplied each and every participant with drinks, apple slices and cookies.  Above and beyond and we so incredibly grateful for your generosity Rod.

To Tony and AV Jennings who got our day off to the best possible start by donating $250 – very much appreciated.  Thank you to Sharon and Cheryl at Grinners Trophies for the gold and silver medallions (which will now be held over to next year!)

Chris Goffer, Cling Chaffey, Chris McRae, Angie Sunley, Scott Sunley, Grace, Anne, Fiona, Charles, and to every person who helped with the heavy lifting and preparation for the day – thank you!  Thanks too to those that came to support their favourite teams and the day!

To our Team Captains and your teams – clearly there is no competition without you and you keep coming back every year – brilliant.  So thank you Hutchies Hunnies, Got the Runs, Team High Viz, Brisbane Monkies, F-Troop, Dragnets and our team Play for a Cure – you did great, and even better considering how long and hot the day was.

Lastly, thank you to our undefeated P4AC team and Got the Runs for calling the Grand Final due to the ‘heat relieving’ rain and donating the prize money!

Check out some pictures from the day by clicking here


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