When your golf day exceeds expectations…..

2018 P4AC A Day on the Greens

What’s (x + 160%)?


It’s the net figure we raised on the 13th July, 2018 when Nudgee Golf Club hosted our 2nd annual P4AC ‘A Day in the Greens’. It’s also the maths we need to apply when comparing to last year’s figure (our inaugural golf day).


Our board member Graham worked tirelessly to make this our best event yet and so much so that it nearly surpassed the funds we raised at our inaugural dinner.   That’s certainly worth a WOW!


We had over 110 players register for the day – double last year’s number but it’s the number of sponsors we had this year that ensured such success.  Paul Crooks, a wonderful P4AC supporter, worked his network and brought on the following sponsors to whom we will be forever grateful:


RKW Industries


And what about our donors who contributed to our monster raffle? Over $1500 of tickets sold in less than an hour – give me another WOW.  Thank you so much to the following for your generous donations:



All of our amazing supporters never ask for anything but it would be remiss of us not to thank Leigh Street and Kerry Crooks, our amazing ticket sellers, and Pete of Nudgee GC – nothing was too much trouble for Pete – what a champion he is! And Paul?  Absolutely speechless about Paul’s efforts except to say it was incredible!


Lastly thanks to those that came to play – you played in such a wonderful spirit – the way a charity day should be played. We thought it was stupendous, fantastic and amazing. We hope you did too and will join us at our next event.


Oh and the answer?  With a last minute donation our net amount raised? Exactly $9000. Now that really does deserve a WOW!


Photos from the day can be found, by clicking on this link.

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