Yellow Socks Softball Challenge is back!

25th November from 9am when the BSA women will play the Australian Defence Force Women.  Then at 10.30am the BSA men take on the ADF men.  These really will be great games but let’s be honest the big game is at 12.30pm.  Some great names have already signed up for what should be a very interesting Yellow socks challenge this year.  Not discounting our amazing Broncos (Gorden Tallis, Darren Lockyer, Kerrod Walters and Michael DeVere) but the Bronco’s batting prowess has just improved somewhat with Gordy calling in his mate, cricket superstar,  Chris Lynn to join his team.







4 time Olympian, and recently inducted into the World Softball Hall of Fame, Melanie Roche may have to stop the ‘go lightly on the boys’ attitude and come out firing!  With the bat of Stacey Porter (Australian Captain and arguable the world’s best batter) and those of many other softball legends, P4AC is calling the game – the ladies have it……maybe 🙂  We will only find out around 2pm on the 25th. 

One spot is open to the public to play on each team, but if you want to play, you need to bid – click here to place your bid!

We don’t charge you to enter, so we ask that you dig deep when we ask for a gold coin donation, buy some raffle tickets and eat and drink all you can whilst at the Brisbane Softball Association.

Again we honour Jannita Dunn (Gordy’s sister) and Deb McColm (Graham’s wife (Graham is a P4AC board member)) and all those that have fought the battle and to those that are currently fighting the fight of their lives.  Wear some yellow on the day and let’s make the 25th a bright and happy and successful day.  We can’t wait to see you all!

BroncosP4AC Legends
Darren LockyerMelanie Roche
Gorden TallisStacey Porter
Kevvie WaltersKelly McKellar-Nathan
Kerrod WaltersErin Thras
Lote TuqiriMelinda Weaver
Chris LynnSheridan Darroch
Glenn Lazarus Tamieka Whitefield
Tyson Howard Dorinda Stone
Justin OatesEllen Gush
Coach - Ray BartorilloCoach - Kim Cooper
Bat boy - Ethan GofferBat boy - Declan Walker
Gofer No. 1 - Tia NewtonGofer No. 1 - Amaya Foxover
Gofer No. 2 - Brendan Hunt Gofer No. 2 - Jessica Cooper



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