Bowel Cancer Awareness Week – Bowl for Joey

UPDATE 10/6/10

Another successful night had by all at Bowling For Bowel Cancer (dedicated to Joey) on the 9th June at AMF Cannon Hill.

Our bowlers had to work very hard to ensure they could collect!  Linda especially, as the majority of her sponsors were only paying if she bowled over 100 – the pressure was on!  But no fear, there were plenty on hand to ‘help’ Linda obtain her score.  In the end 100 was easy and Linda was able to collect $102 – brilliant!!

Plenty of advice was also offered on the night – Kelli believed that using the lighter balls with smaller holes is of no benefit for adults- she even demonstrated and promptly landed on her behind.  Lucky for her the camera was out of reach!  Any pressure to get those high scores was quickly diffused and Kelli’s slip up set the tone for the night – one of light heartedness competition with lots of laughs.

It would appear that we have some bowling champions in the making!  Trent, we believe, sneaks out of the house to practise, the young man was a gun!!  And he loved his bowling so much, he made his mum, and sister Shannon, play a 2nd game, when everybody else had finished – now that’s commitment!

Chace was serious when the ball hit the lane (aren’t we all?), but when he turned around with that smile from ear to ear, he melted a few more hearts.  The kids had a great time and thoroughly entertained the adults.

Julie was a trooper, we set up a stall and while that was quiet, she stayed put and got to laugh at the bowling exploits of the adults and the kids. The kids put the adults to shame – FACT – more strikes bowled by the children than the adults – how cool is that:)

All up we raised $490 – I am so happy with this amount – it was a last minute event and I thank Linda, BJ, Kye and Chace Oates and Shannon and Trent King for getting such great sponsorships.  Mel, Julie, Linda and Tanya (again) for purchasing merchandise.  I spoke to Joey this morning and told her we missed our Guest of Honour, but as always she was in our thoughts, as is all that suffer at the hands of cancer.

We are making a difference!

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UPDATE 6/6/10

Today I received a notification from Cancer Council Queensland about Bowel Cancer Screening.

It is distressing to learn that the government will only allow free screening if you are turning 55, 60 or 65 that year!  According to CCQ if free 2 yearly screening was available to all Australians over the age of 50, 30 lives a year could be saved.  Not to mention the savings on not having to treat very sick people – we all the know the earlier you get cancer, the better chance there is for survival and the less burden on the already over-taxed health system.

Makes sense, then wouldn’t it, that the government would address this situation. Bowel cancer is the 2nd biggest killer in Australia (behind  lung cancer) – it needs to be a priority!

Please, follow this link and send an email to your MP.  It is a templated email, with the opportunity for you to personalise.  At time of posting, over 18000 people have contacted their MP.  Add yourself, today, please:)


Hi all

June is the month, through the CancerFREE challenge, that we take notice and be aware of Bowel Cancer.

Click above to read more!

I am considering having a Bowls night but somewhat different to what Cancer Council Queensland suggest.

Who would be up for a Ten Bin Bowling night – anytime during the month of June?

Obviously we can’t all get to the same location on the same night, but if you want to particpate and raise some funds, you can.  All you need to do is pick a night to bowl, gather some friends and you and your friends can seek sponsorship – a bit like a spelling bee sponsorship!

$2 a strike, a dollar donation for a bowl over 100, over 150, over 200!!  Or just a plain simple donation. 

If you are interested Email Me!

I will send you a sponsorship form and all other details on what you need to do.

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Click here to see how the participants go and some fun photos.


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