The latest happenings

Time for an update because this time I have a fair bit of news, which I do hope you enjoy!

To start with, we raised $490 from our Play for a Cure Bowl For Bowel Cancer (dedicated to Joey) night.  Held on the 9th June, a few mates got together, had some laughs, bowled a few strikes and raised lots of money for CCQ.

You may have noticed, on our facebook page that we have talked about ambassadors.  It isn’t always easy getting sponsors on board, or getting donations, so we put our thinking caps on and came up with the idea of getting ambassadors on board.  As we are built on a sports foundation, we thought about sporting personalities we know and who we believe could get our message across to a broad spectrum of the public.  Perhaps then, we hope, sponsors might be more willing to jump on board with Play for a Cure.  Thanks so far to Kelly McKellar-Nathan, Melanie Roche, Darryl White and Debbie Watson for joining our team.  I am very excited about this, and who knows who might pop up at one of our functions.  There are a couple more in the works, but until they commit, it’s a state secret.  Check them out on our Ambassador Page.

We have also started a Healthy Living section – subsections of Fitness Tips and Food for Life.  Again we do have a couple of people we are chasing for articles, but most exciting of all, Play for a Cure now has its own resident doctor columnist!  Dr Barry Jackson will be joining our team later this year, so please bookmark this page and keep checking back for interesting articles on Healthy Living.

Hmm what else?  I am in talks with a solicitor and my accountant about becoming a bonafide charity.  As I mentioned above, it isn’t easy getting sponsorship, but by becoming an incorporated charity we should be able to be endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient.  Fingers crossed this might open those purse strings, if just a littleJ.

But I must say it isn’t impossible to get donations.  Check out our Thank you page, to see the people, or businesses, which have kindly donated to PFAC.  These prizes will enable us to run raffles at our stalls and when we get subscribers up to that magical number (another secretJ), we will be doing bi-monthly draws and one of our lucky subscribers will win a small thank you gift from us here at PFAC.  So please, if possible, support these businesses because without them, we couldn’t do what we are doing.

More stock has come in.  Black and blue stubby coolers (with colour logo on both sides) and chapsticks with tattoos and shirts just around the corner.  We will also be releasing, for a limited time only, some cool T-shirts in black and red for both the ladies and the men.

I also have something in the pipeline with Westpac – I truly hope this one comes off as it could give PFAC great exposure!

Sunday week I am holding my first BIG stall at RSA.  Going to be a long day, but I don’t mind, I just hope that it is fruitful and our message gets out to my fellow softballers and supporters. 

Our next event after that will be in August – we have plans, but we are waiting on QSA to give us the go ahead – sending out positive vibes because this could be a great day and we plan to work in conjunction with Call to Arms.  Please check this link out as Call to Arms is all about getting men to look after themselves and beating cancer.  Unfortunately men tend to sweep things under the rug, a fact of life, so please get your father, your brother, you son, your friend to have a read and to stand up to cancer.  And I would really love and appreciate it if you shared this link with your friends as they have the ability to donate online. Anything over $2 is tax deductible.  

My excitement remains, in fact, I know I have found my passion in founding Play for a Cure.  Each day I hope I get some correspondence re PFAC so I can get stuck into it.  Quite simply, I am loving it!

And finally, but certainly not the least, thanks for Kelli, Linda, and Brooke for your continued assistance and support.  Couldn’t do it without you!

So until next time, take care you all, and don’t forget to spread the wordJ

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