Play for a Cure wins – in more ways than one!

P4AC comes out a Winner

P4AC competed at the Softball Queensland Masters over the weekend of 6-8 August, playing 7 games, winning all including the GF with a tight win over Renegades 11 runs to 7.   Every game against Renegades was a tough one but it was all done in great spirit and lots of laughs were had.  There were so many funny events, it is hard to list them all, but each and every player in P4AC and the opposition played within the spirit of the game and showed all why softball is the sporting community it is!  We were honoured with the presence of Joey on Saturday.  She couldn’t play but she cheered longer and harder than anybody else – we loved having you there Joey and look forward to when you can play with us again.

Brooke Wilkins, Kelli Oates, Anne Vogler and Linda Gross were named in the All Star team – but as far as we are concerned everybody was a STAR over the weekend.

However, the best win of the weekend was the money raised.  Merchandise was sold (big thank you to Softball Queensland and the lovely ladies who manned our stall, allowing us to play), as well as the Cent Auction Raffles.

All softballers dug deep and contributed to the amazing total of $2783.90 being raised.  A special big thank you to Caboolture Warriors, Toowoomba Warriors and PK Pride for their team donations.

An extra special thank you to P4AC team member Stephanie Gill.  Stephanie has embarked on a musical career and she donated $2 from her CD sales over the month of June and July.  At presentation, Stephanie handed a cheque over to P4AC of $317 – thank you Stephanie!!!  Stephanie was so moved by the generosity of others and P4AC’s efforts she has decided that she will donate $2 from all her future CD sales – WOW!  Check Stephanie out by clicking here.

Of course we couldn’t have conducted the Cent Auction without the contribution of the below – please check them out and support them as they have supported us.


Haylea Petrie


If you want to scroll through the 300+ photos below, please do so.  Our thanks go to Rose Darroch for taking them and then presenting each team member a professionally put together photo CD and laminated Team photo.

Lastly, thank you to Sherridan Darroch and Jason Nathan for coaching us.  We do apologise for not ‘looking’ at you enough when in the box, but hey we figure it’s Masters and we know you didn’t really mind.

To Kelly McKellar-Nathan (Smacka), Kelli Oates (Grossy), Stephanie Gill (Steph), Haylea Petrie (Hayls (Princess 2)), Brooke Wilkins (Chook), Kim Cooper (Maggie), Anne Vogler (Vogs), Linda Gross and Francine McRae (Frankie), from the bottom of my heart, thank you – couldn’t have done it without you!  Megs and Tippy – we hope you are well for the next time!  Mel and Joyce – hope to see you on board for the next tourney.  And like I said above, Joey we just can’t wait to have you line up with us again.

Enough now, enjoy the photos and to all that have donated, whether it was this time or another, THANK YOU!


PS. A special thank you to Shauna Bailey and Kaylene Reti.  they supplied the buckets and the cent auction raffles tickets – not cheap, so ladies, thank you.  Only wish you could have won something for your troubles:)

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