We made it back to the GF, and won….

OK, we didn’t win the Grand Final, but for a bunch of ladies, well we won’t divulge our age, as mature as we are (here’s a hint, this was our 10th year playing masters and we started around 3-4 years after we could start playing masters), we were pleased to finish top of the table after the round robins and make the Grand Final where we ultimately went down to Renegades. We put up a good battle but they were too good on the day. Congratulations to Ivan and the team!

So you may be wondering about the title then? It’s because, we did win! Team P4AC raised exactly $4000 over 3 days! And exactly that amount, $4000 will go to cancer research, so you see we did win 🙂

There are so many people to thank for helping us get to that amount (considering this was our first time not doing a raffle, this amount is amazing!!). First and foremost we have to thank Deb Prouten. For 10 years Deb and her team, the Toowoomba Warriors, have, instead of buying team gifts, donated to our charity. Deb has not just settled there either. For the last couple of years Deb has reached out to other participants asking they too get into the spirit and donate rather than purchase gifts. So this year, we are so pleased to be able to thank the following Ladies teams for their wonderful donations!


Mulgowie Angels

Champagne Ladies

Caboolture Warriors

Aunty Emma’s Moongalba


TAN Aunties

Diamond Divas

Brisbane Fusion

Hervey Bay Terrors


Dolphin Wannabes and

Pinkie (cash and wine (for our dinner))

And then we had our very own Carrie Rose and her beautiful ChildCare Centre, Rosie’s Early Learning Centre donate. Carrie does this quietly every year and it bumps up the final figure quite nicely. We love having Carrie in our team, yes even more than her donations, but we will also be so grateful for them!

This year, Seeta and her business Anchor Blue Coffee asked if they could help in any way and ultimately decided to donate a percentage of all sales over the weekend. Well they must have had a boomer weekend (and we can understand why because the coffee (and service) was A+)) because Seeta donated over $800 to us. To say we were blown away is an understatement!

And then finally today we got the final amounts confirmed. Redcliffe Leagues Softball Association also reached out to us and offered the BBQ to us on the Saturday night (middle of the tournament). We of course, graciously accepted, and expected to make a few hundred dollars. Carrie, Redcliffe President, called on her friends, Petero and Bonnie Civoniceva, to help out and they were magnificent in running the BBQ along side the majority of our team. Then, Carrie and her team at RLSA decided to donate all of the proceeds and covered the costs of all the food meaning we ended up collecting a cool $700+ for our BBQ!

So as you can see, we had quite a few avenues for fundraising – all because of the generosity of our softball community. Thanks too to SQ for allowing us again to fundraise! And as per usual thank you to Rose from KR Sports Photos for all of the photos, including our team photo and to Jane for her photos too!

T o the team – thank you for playing again this year – our 10th year! Can you believe it!? We even went a bit retro with our uniform and we think it was our best one yet! The team looked amazing! Thanks to our coaches Jason and Sheridan 🙂

Team P4AC – 10 years Masters!

And to wrap it all up, we had the absolute pleasure to award our first ever Team P4AC Masters Life Memberships to Kelly and Jason, affectionately known as Smacka and Frecks. Husband and wife team, Smacka and Frecks have been involved in all 10 campaigns – truly amazing and we are so proud to have them be the first recipients and of course on our team.

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