An update from #Richard58

My Training thus far:

I have just realised it has almost been a month since my last blog. I do apologise, I have been away on a course but it hasn’t hindered my training too much.

So we left off where I had learned a valuable lesson and needed to implement a training regime rather than just going out and running. So after using my buddy Google I found a regime written by SiS (Science in Sport) designed for Marathon running. On the 21st of Jan I was able to do a training leg on the trail I will be running on, it was 12km’s and I completed it in 1hr and 14mins. Not a great time but given the distance I am aiming for the slower the better at this stage. So my new regime has involved the following:

Mondays are a rest day, Tuesdays have been an 8km Tempo run which is usually a pace a bit faster than the norm. My average on a Tuesday has gone from 51 mins to 48mins. Wednesday has been a rest day but is slowly being replaced by work PT which has me using muscles I do not use when running. Thursdays are usually an 8km Fartlek session, Fartlek is a matter of picking different areas during my run and breaking out in a sprint, there is no set distance  – just what I can push out. My average on a Thursday has been 47mins and is about to be replaced with some cross-training sessions. Friday is a rest. Saturdays is suppose to be where I punch out my longer distances, unfortunately with my training and work I haven’t really had much of a chance to achieve this but will be changing now I am back home. Sundays are suppose to be a small 6 – 7km steady run, again I have had to shuffle some things around. On Sunday the 4th of Feb I was able to punch out a run up Huon Hill in Bandiana. I followed the goat tracks up the front and then ran the road down the back, all equating to 17.3km’s and I completed it in 1h 47min. I am quite happy with this effort as it didn’t seem to be too hard which to me means I am on my way with my training.

My diet:

Well my diet has pretty much gone downhill. It is not easy trying to eat right and keep carbs up when living in Army barracks for two weeks. The positive to this is my body is conditioning to being able to rely on it’s own carb and fuel stores to get me where I need to be. My training hasn’t seemed to struggle as a result which is definitely a positive.

In conclusion:

I do have a specialist appointment this Friday to look at my small niggles, knees and shins. Also we will look at how I run and my stride and work on any small changes I can make to better my effort and prevent any injuries. The RAAF have jumped on board, not only have they helped me out by raising some funds whilst I was away but they are going to be publishing a before and after write up about this event, which I am hoping really gets the Play for a Cause name even more out there. I am currently feeling really good about how it is all coming together, we are 8 weeks out and I am confident that I will reach my goal. I want to thank everyone for the added support and dealing with my constant social media updates, knowing I have the backing I have and the reasons I am doing this really helps in giving me the added motivation I need.


Footnote from P4AC

Richard we think you are amazing and are thrilled to advise that thus far you have raised $288.55.  Every little bit counts, as you know.


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