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An update from #Richard58

My Training thus far: I have just realised it has almost been a month since my last blog. I do apologise, I have been away on a course but it hasn’t hindered my training too much. So we left off where I had learned a valuable lesson and needed to implement a training regime rather […]

My 1st Blog on my march to running 58km for a cure!

My Training thus far: So I have been asked to write a fortnightly blog keeping everyone informed on how my training is going leading up to the 58km Trail run. The last couple of weeks have definitely been interesting. I have come back from Christmas and New Year holidays having indulged quite heavily in food […]

Slowpitch – Lucky No. 7

18/2/18 What a fantastic and HOT day.  The troops came again and played in an amazingly great spirit and it was a wonderful welcome to Tamatoa to the event.  They were a lot of fun and a very welcome addition to our returning teams Got the Runs, Team High Viz, P4AC (our very own team) […]

Running 58kms over mountains……

Richard reached out to us and wants to help us raise funds for cancer research by running a 58km Ultra Marathon.  Crazy you might think, but we think he is marvellous and are thrilled to have him on board!  Read on below to learn more about Richard and why he is doing what he is […]

Yellow Socks Softball Challenge is back!

25th November from 9am when the BSA women will play the Australian Defence Force Women.  Then at 10.30am the BSA men take on the ADF men.  These really will be great games but let’s be honest the big game is at 12.30pm.  Some great names have already signed up for what should be a very […]